“The Lack of Leverage Can Destroy Negotiator’s Abilities” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“We need to destroy their lead negotiator’s leverage to weaken his abilities to negotiate effectively.” Those were the words uttered during the planning stage of a pending negotiation.

When planning your negotiation, do you consider how the lack of leverage can destroy a negotiator‘s abilities? Leverage adds weight to a negotiator’s efforts. It can be the difference between a mediocre outcome and one that’s substantially better.

Leverage Constriction:
The use of leverage can constrict the implementation of a negotiator’s plans. Therefore, be watchful of when its usage might be employed against you and how/when you’ll employ it. Since its implementation will alter the flow of the negotiation, you should calculate the timing of its usage to maximize the benefits derived from it. Be aware that all forms of leverage do not bear the same weight. Thus, always examine the different forms of leverage you’ll use, and determine which ones will be most impactful when assembling them.

Timing of Leverage Implementation:
There are several occasions in a negotiation when you should consider using leverage.

  1. Ponder using it when you don’t wish to discuss points that will drastically alter your negotiation plan.
  2. Use it on defense to inject a point as a challenge to the opposing negotiator from implementing his.
  3. Consider how you can inject leverage as a surprise to observe the other negotiator’s reaction. That reaction may uncover hidden elements that you should discuss that your negotiation counterpart would rather keep undisclosed.

Combating Leverage Usage:
Park it – When thinking about leverage attempts used against you, consider whether you should address the premise that’s raised. In some cases, it may behoove you to say, “let’s put that aside for now.” If your request is successful, it will negate the need for discussion about the premise of the leverage attempt. Thus, it’s a way to deflate its charges.

When the other negotiator attempts to wiggle free of your leverage usage, you can use your first effort to pin him to a position. As an example, if you ask if he’d like to accept offer one or two, knowing both are bad, and he said no to either, then you could make another offer that was better or worse than the first one; your offer per better or worse would be dependent on what you were attempting to achieve by your offers. He could reject your third offer but then you could feign exasperation and state that you’re really attempting to be amenable; the implication being, his position is untenable.

Refute It:
I attempt to be transparent when negotiating. That means, while I attempt not to mislead, I don’t disclose every aspect of my negotiation position.

During your negotiations, realize that some negotiators will be as transparent as seeing through a stain-free glass. That will be the exception, not the rule. In some situations, your opponent will outright lie. Be prepared to refute his lies with bona fide rebuts that are greater than his. Using that form of leverage will heighten your position and diminish his if he’s willing to accept your pronouncements. That will cause him to think twice about pursuing that line of deceit moving forward.

In your future negotiations, consider how you’ll use leverage to enhance your efforts. The better you become at identifying when, how, and at what points you’ll employ its usage, the better your negotiation outcomes will be… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

Eco Tourism in South India – Presenting Rich Biodiversity

The destinations of South India are hotspot for nature lovers. Eco tourism in this part of India is known for preserving and sustaining wide species of flora and fauna. The south Indian states, especially Kerala present rich biodiversity. There are many bio-masses and wildlife destinations in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, zoological parks and wildlife destinations in these south Indian states.

Kerala, the tropical paradise of India is one of the most favored eco tourism destinations in the world. Popularly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is rich in flora and fauna due to higher diversity in climate. Humid and wetted state of Kerala has complex assembly of bio species. The wildlife destinations, hill stations, beach destinations and backwater regions are preferably visited by the nature and wildlife lovers. Backwater destinations of Kerala are very famous among the eco tourists. Tourists can spot rare and endangered species of flora and fauna in the backwater regions. Houseboat is the ideal means to explore the beauty and biodiversity of these regions. Tourist can also visit Ayurveda centers located in the rustic villages located across the banks of backwaters. Various tour packages are also available for Ayurveda spa. You can select a Kerala Ayurveda tour package to feel the pleasure of soothing spa.

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with rich biodiversity. The state is rich in wildlife and natural beauty. Andhra Pradesh can be ideal destination for wildlife holidays. The thick vegetation in the state boasts variety of mammals, plants, shrubs, reptiles, etc. Popular eco tourism destinations in Kerala are Nellapattu Sanctuary, Alisagar Deer Park, Manjira Bird Sanctuary, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, etc. These spots are rich in ecological elements.

Karnataka is also known for its diversified flora and fauna. 20% of total geographical area is covered by dense forest. So, it can b perfect destination of South India Holidays. Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Parks are the hotspot of wildlife tourism in Karnataka. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is also frequently visited by the nature lovers. There are many hill stations in Tamil Nadu which are abode of thick forest and wildlife. Apart from that Tamil Nadu has many national parks, biosphere reserves, elephant and bird sanctuaries, zoos, etc which send invitation notes to the wildlife lovers and eco tourists.

Presence of wide diversities of flora and fauna makes the south Indian zone preferred destination for wildlife lovers.Eco tourism south India is the choice of all nature lovers and wildlife lovers. Eco tourists from all around the world visit this corner to explore the amazing diversity.

Custom Presentation Folders – How They Can Boost Your Business Reputation

It is almost certainly guaranteed that in every form of business, we have to give a presentation. Presentations to a few people or maybe even a hundred. The presentation can take many forms.

1 – Information that will be given to a potential client or customer. The client will then take the information away with them and check it. Perhaps it is an estimated quote or further details of your products and services.

2 – Facts and figures that will be given to a business associate and become part of a business meeting. The facts and figures could be end of the month financial figures which will then be stored.

3 – Promotional material about your company that is to begiven away at an exhibition. Once again potential clients will take information away with them.

4 – Updates and instructions that will be given to employees to take away and carry out in their departments.

The presentation itself is very important and the first step to creating a good impression is by using custom presentation folders. Think about it. If you were planning to do business with one of two companies, one company handed you information in a plastic folder and the other handed you information in a custom presentation folder.

Which company would you be more impressed with? Of course it would be the company that had the custom folder. You would have seen they are more professional and able to take that little step to create a good impression. So what makes a good presentation folder?

A custom presentation folder has to carry on your business theme. If the information that it will contain, is generic information given every month, then use your company colors, logo and theme. If the folder is to be used to pitch a business idea then carry on the business idea into the design of the custom folders.

Think about the quality of card used to make the folder. You have already created a good impression by not using off the shelf folders. Don’t ruin that by using poor quality card that rips when holding the information. The presentation folder is likely to beheld by a lot of people and constantly opened and then shut. The folders need to be durable and strong whilst still looking good.

There are many companies on the internet that already have designs made up. You can then just insert your company logo and name and it will be already printed for you. If you can not find the design that you are looking for, then look in your local phone book for a printing shop who will give you a quote. Bear in mind that sometimes discounts are given for bulk orders.

Most important is that your custom folder has contact information such as your website address, telephone numbers and email address. If it does not, then make sure a little pocket is available for you to insert your business card. Making custom folders for any presentation is a good way to boost business and promote your reputation as one of quality and excellence.