How to Give An Effective Sales Presentation

Fortunately or unfortunately, people judge products and services by the way a sales rep presents them before a buying audience. People’s perceptions about the company are formed based on the sales presentations they attend. This is a stage where the personality of the sales person comes in to consideration along with the product. The way the sales person speaks, what he says, how he answers questions, and how he dispels doubts all fall under scrutiny. An effective sales presentation can enhance the reputation of the company, help form a high opinion about the products, and can lead to sales of the products. A sales presentation therefore is an integral part of the sales process and proper preparation and emphasis should be placed on it.

Everybody gets butterflies before a sales presentation. But those with confidence present a better picture than those without it. The ones that speak confidently and explain lucidly make the sales presentation entertaining and effective. Those that are not able to give an effective sales presentation can improve. There are ways by which a sales presentation can be made a winning one.

Ignore the Butterflies

Remember being slightly nervous about a presentation is a natural thing and soon you should forget those feelings as you get immersed in the subject. Besides, people will not notice your nervousness unless you make a scene of it. People are busy thinking about themselves. So move on with confidence. If you are feeling butterflies whirling wildly around your stomach, get them to fly in formation with the same focus you have given to your sales presentation.

Give a Solid Start

Make a good start. As they say about the first impression – if the starting is easy the remaining part of the presentation just rolls. Preferably start with a healthy joke or some comment that will connect you with your audience. That will relax everybody and you will get their attention too.

Add Enthusiasm to Your Voice

Make sure that you sound enthusiastic enough and ensure that it comes across in your voice. If you, the presenter, is not enthusiastic enough nobody else will be. Practice speaking in an enthusiastic tone before a mirror. Make a habit of being enthusiastic whenever you talk. During the presentation it will come without much effort. Remember, enthusiasm sells!

Keep Presentations Short

To sustain the interest of the audience keep your sales presentation short. Lengthy presentations will attract yawns, resistance, and disinterest. Only elaborate the main features, functions and benefits of your product or service and keep your talk concise. If your prospect or audience starts to look at his watch repeatedly you know you are losing him. The best strategy to employ at this time is to pick-up the pace and/or shorten the presentation and position yourself competitively.

Love Your Job

What does a sales rep giving a confident presentation exude? He exudes unmistakable authenticity. He is more likely to exhibit a “feel good” aura for representing his company and its products. He loves his company, product, his job, and himself. It’s natural for that love and self-respect to get reflected in his words and his presentation. The energy that springs from a natural love for his job simply gets noticed. And the audience starts believing in his product or service.

The profession of sales is for people that like to meet new people, get to know them and their needs, and establish a professional relationship with them. Also, a sales person must like the company he represents and the product or service he promotes. Otherwise all attempts at making sales presentations better will not appear genuine. No amount of rehearsal can help if you do not love your job genuinely.

As you speak out of conviction the feeling of authenticity gets transmitted and the audience starts to believe what you are saying. This could open the gates to future sales opportunities for which you are ultimately aiming.

Healing My Self-Hatred – The Journey To Being More Present And Alive

I’m in the thick of healing at the moment, presenting as adrenal fatigue but I’m working through the layers as to how I got to this state. It’s not all about being in an earthquake zone.

I’m also doing Rose Rosetree’s 30 day empath empowerment plan and I’m on day 4 and today I had a huge realisation. The exercise was about closing your eyes for a minute and just being aware where your consciousness is and bringing it back to being about yourself. Noticing yourself.

Well I’m aware of myself but usually in relation to other people or places or things or what I was feeling that usually was in overflow.

When I left my consciousness on myself SO much self hatred came to the surface. I sat with it and let it be there and not try to make it go away or avoid it by doing something or shifting my focus outside of myself.

What came to light then was that the feelings I have about myself were very much based on being a person in this world, a world which is all about image and beauty and here I was: scarred and flawed and damaged goods.

When I was 18 months old I was in hospital for nappy rash and it had turned into ulcers. I was probably lactose intolerant but in 1962 they probably didn’t know about those things. I was in quarantine because they didn’t know what it was.

When I was 8 I was hospitalised so they could cut skin off and have the affected areas not appear so burnt looking, well of course then it left a scar which I think looked worse than before. The trauma of being in hospital in the 60s and the way they treated kids in those days was long lingering. Not a lot of support.

I was then hospitalised at 10 to do a patch up job where a lump had formed.

You can imagine my childhood feeling scarred and feeling like nobody would like me. As if there was something wrong with me. Kids can be cruel when someone looks different. Not that it was obvious but I had already identified with being different really early on. I remember a girl in my class having a cleft palette and saw how cruelly she was treated, I felt I was lucky that I could hide my scars. But it was always something I was scared of people finding out.

I worked out so easily how to hide my upper legs but I was always having to encounter situations that made me turn myself into a pretzel. Like swimming at school and having to wear rompers at PE.

I recall being in kindergarten and wetting my pants on the mat everyday because I was too scared to line up and go to the open doored toilets. I must have already worked out at age 4 that something was wrong with me.

Of course as an adult I have no issues doing swimming and you can barely see the scars but all that damage and avoidance and beliefs about myself had already been cemented, especially through my teen years.

My best friend did modelling and I wanted to as well. Or I wanted to act. But that wasn’t going to be for me.

Bottom line core belief that I think has gotten in the way of healing myself in my current situation and affected my self esteem and so many areas of my life is “Whats the point of doing anything to my body/making my body better/ being well/ being in a body when I’m just damaged and I can never have the choices that everyone else has anyway.”

I had many hiding places so my consciousness could avoid myself. Many excuses, like oh that’s the past, my legs aren’t important now, but that teen is very much alive inside me and still using her old coping mechanisms.

I never made peace because I never wanted to go to the self hatred, I blamed, ate, disassociated, settled for less, got sick, got depressed, anxious, fearful, spiritualised, fantasised, intellectualised and minimised how important having a body was.

I think you have some sort of survival mode that you go into when you get close to your self hatred, afterall it feels like you may as well die because you are so not worth being here.

I think a lot of people feel the self hatred but act it out in various ways as to not feel it fully and move through it.

The idea is to move through it, not stay in it. That happens organically by just feeling the feelings. I could never turn around that the worlds standards are wrong instead of thinking I was wrong and knowing I wasn’t going to be able to fit in.

Several Really Great Reasons to Consider Presentation Folder Printing

The entire globe over, there are many large and small companies that need to have regular meetings. These meetings can teach, train and provide much needed information to associates. A meeting such as this will usually revolve around a presentation. Whether it is made live or through the use of recorded media, it is very important. Presentation folder printing services can really have a nice impact on business presentations.

Many negative results were received by business presentations before the possibilities behind these type of folders was realized. So many presentations were accompanied by a folder that was very plain and boring in its design. This created a decrease in interest, not only for the paperwork within, but for the actual meeting itself. Many of these lack of interest issues have been properly eliminated due to these devices.

The most important question would have to be a simple one. What exactly is a presentation folder? The answer is really just as simple as the question. These presentation folders are well designed folders that were created to provide a higher level of professionalism through appearance. A folder like this will accompany the presentation or meeting that the company happens to be holding at the given time.

The most important element of a folder’s design is the printed artwork that is featured. An associate’s opinion of the product will be much higher if the unit is well designed. This high opinion of the employee will allow him to greater appreciate the presentation being made. Never forget the inclusion of company artwork on such a device. This company logo is very important and should be a bit larger and easier to see than other images.

The process of presentation folder printing can really create a product that is designed very well and large in size. Such a folder device should open from both sides and display available pockets. These pockets might be very deep in design and should be able to store not just paper work, but some other forms of media. These might include, but are not limited to, computer discs, video disc, and even manuals or photo albums.

Some people refer to the finish of the product. This is the look created for the unit’s outside appearance. A unit might not have a finish at all. This is unexciting for associates. A unit with a nice glossy finish could have quite the opposite effect on them, however. This type of finish might excite the associate and create a positive attitude towards the presentation at hand. People tend to respect the investment involved with a nice finish.

Many benefits can be reaped through the utilization of these type of presentation devices. The most important one is the way in which employees tend to be very likely to keep their folders and take them home. They might even examine the provided paperwork and media as a form of home work. This product has a reaction of giving an employee a larger level of appreciation towards the meeting and the presentation.