Learning To Do Webinars For Internet Network Marketing – Free Online Presentations With Freebinar

With webinars being so important in your internet marking, Freebinar offers an alternative to pricey services. As we all know, webinars are one of the best ways to get people to connect with you, build a rapport with your list and pass along some of the valuable knowledge you have to others. But in my experience webinars are one aspect of Network Marketing that has the biggest fear factors associated with it.

Fears About Webinars.

One of the hardest things to deal with is the thought that you may sound like you don’t know what you are talking about. Do you say “ah”, “and” or some other word too much, is the content going to be in logical order, what if nobody attends?. When I first considered doing online presentations, I did practice using PowerPoint, recorded the audio and took note of the presentation. Then I would practice with the small problems in the presentation and I repeated the process. I did throw a few webinars that no one attended and I did the whole webinar anyways, you never know if someone will show up late so you want to give the impression you are doing an online presentations for 1000 people and people did show up late. The more Webinars you do the better you get, just like everything else.

Webinar Services.

A big problem with doing presentations online is the cost, there are webinar services out there but for the most part you get a 30 day free trial and then you have to pay a monthly fee. If you are just starting out in business and your business is not generating the income to justify the expense then these services don’t make much sense. This becomes a big catch 22, doing presentations online are one of the best ways to expose people to you and your products, generating revenue. If you can’t afford to get the webinar service, you have to find alternative ways to expose your enterprise to potential customers.

Free Webinar Service.

I did find a free webinar service that can solve the problem of cost, it is called Freebinar and it is a great service. One of the best things I like about it is the simplicity of the site. There is really only one limit that would be the size of your Freebinar, you are limited to 150 attendees.

This is not a real concern because, the percentage of people attending a presentations online is low compared to the people who are invited, this would translate to a pretty big list to get 150 people to your Freebinars, and by that time you have 150 people consistently attending your Freebinars, you should be able to afford one of the other paid services. Also with the 150 person limit, it is also becomes a great marketing tool, it’s always good when you can tell people to sign up early because the last webinar was full, especially if it is the truth.

Now of course one of the tricks to a good profitable webinar, is knowing what to say and how to say it so people are subconsciously persuaded to purchase what you are offering or you offer incredible content so the attendees want to keep returning to you online presentation where you can make them an offer at a latter time.

Using Freebinar is a great way to get your feet wet in the magic world of online presentations. There is a reason all the Gurus throw so many webinars, they are work on every level. And always keep this in mind, a great content driven online presenation can turn into a very profitable product and in the long run, helping people make money usually equates to you making money.

Christmas Present Ideas For 2010

This Christmas season has started as we have no gotten through the Thanksgiving leftovers and started the march towards Christmas. What this means for many people is a mad scramble to deciding what to get everyone on their shopping list in the hopes that they can get solid gifts and still find time to enjoy the holidays. We can appreciate this goal which is why we have put together a list of some of the best Christmas Present Ideas for 2010. Our list below provides some great ideas for each of the most popular gift buying groupings.

A popular gift idea for men and some women is the Toshiba Satellite Laptop. This solid laptop does a great job of providing a value price while providing a great, high performing laptop. For many people, this combination will prove irresistible and make for an excellent gift.

A unique but very popular gift is getting some high quality Bose® Headphones. For all those teens and adults that like music, this gift can be a perfect addition as it helps them get the most out of their music player. These high performing headphones are top of the line and the gift recipients will appreciate their quality.

For boys, a clever gift is the Nerf N-Strike Stampede. These type of safe guns are always popular because boys can play war in the backyard with friends and yet Moms can rest easy knowing the Nerf® guns are safe.

A nice gift idea for girls is the Disney® Princess and Me Dolls. There are a number of different varieties but all are nicely made and will look great while the girls play with them or when they are showcased in their room. Either way, the girls should enjoy this fine gift idea.

For the youngest kids, the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball makes for a great gift. This gift is easy to grab and will be a favorite of babies and toddlers. This one is also low cost which will be great for all those trying to stick to a budget this season.

By using the above list, we think you will be able to scratch off at least a few people from your Christmas list. There are certainly more great gifts out there, but we think this provides a good start.

Best Practices in Negotiation – 5 Ways Car Dealers Get the Drop on You

At the end of the recent holiday weekend I hastily left a car dealership with a relative in tow. If we hadn’t bolted, she would have succumbed to that heady combination of new car smells wafting through the dealership as well as to the superior negotiation skills of the sales staff.

Car dealers have been sharpening their negotiating talons for more than a century, so they have a bag of tricks that can hypnotize almost every shopper, no matter how savvy they might be in other contexts.

Specifically, there are 5 ways dealers get the drop on customers in negotiations:

(1) Dealers know how to negotiate. They practice negotiating each and every day. This is obvious, you reply. Still, practice makes them sharper in nearly every way. They are used to putting on their game faces, cozying up to shoppers, gabbing about inessentials to create trust, and getting folks to express an urgent desire to buy, TODAY! Most folks only shop for cars each three or four years, at a minimum. Who is going to be in the groove, a person that is in a Super Bowl every day or someone that has been warming the bench each of the last 1,500 days?

(2) Dealers know what their costs are, and you don’t. This is an essential baseline in negotiations. For all of the presumed transparency ushered in by the web regarding “dealer costs,” and “dealer invoice” these figures are still inflated. Manufacturers offer secret incentives and rebates that are known only to dealers, and “civilians” simply don’t have access to them.

(3) Dealers know the market for: (1) New cars and for (2) Used cars. This gives them a big edge in negotiating to buy your old car, or declining to buy it, and in holding firm or being flexible on hot or cold new inventory.

(4) Dealers know each other. They understand that their competitors cannot and will not cut their own throats, doing anything and everything in negotiations, to make deals. So, there is tacit price fixing, within ranges. You just won’t get local dealers, especially, to break ranks. Out of state or out of town dealers might have a greater incentive to bargain at lower pricing levels.

(5) Dealers know you. Sure, officially you’re strangers–you’ve never met. But by asking you a few quick questions and by observing your body language and the car you drove in, they can surmise whom they’re negotiating with, and a lot about your urgency to acquire a new ride.

So, appreciate from the get-go that dealers will use these advantages to eke out a nifty profit while bleating that you bleeding them dry.

Do your homework before you negotiate with dealers. Be prepared to work one dealer against the next. Whatever you do, don’t feel sorry for them. It’s just another way they get the drop on you in negotiations!