5 Simple Ways to Be More Present With Others in Conversation

Have you ever spoken with someone that made you feel that you are the only person that mattered that very moment? Do you remember how important it made you feel to be heard and validated? Experts say you receive what you put out into the world. Isn’t time for you to be more present in your business and life relationships?

Time stops for no one and all you have is this moment. Make it count. Be the present that people are waiting for by being present.

There are five simple ways to be present:

1. Remove distractions Turn off the radio, TV, or your cell phone. Give your undivided attention to the person you are in conversation with.

2. Maintain Eye Contact. I am not telling you to stare deeply into their eyes, but maintain eye contact. Do not look through or over the shoulder of the person you are talking to, stare at the floor, or look around the room to see who else is around.

3. Be an Active Listener. What is said is just as important as what is not said. Your body language also shows how interested you are in the conversation. Lean forward and listen not only to the words being spoken but for the complete meaning and emotion. You can learn many things about a person when you do this. You can sense and feel how passionate they are about their businesses, family, and personal life. Nod once in awhile to acknowledge comments or phrases that resonate with you. Don’t forget to smile if appropriate – keep in mind your subject matter.

4. Paraphase, clarify, or ask questions. Summarize key points of what the person has shared with you. Clarify what you perhaps do not understand. Ask questions to dig deeper into a subject area that they are talking to you about. Be wary as you may become so involved in the conversation and lose track of time. Which can be easy to do – this is when you may ask to have a follow up meeting to further discuss the topic at hand. Thank the person for sharing their time with you.

5. Look after yourself. You cannot serve others if you are stressed or exhausted. Yawning during a conversation definitely does not display interest in what is being said. Ensure you have balance in your life and that you get enough sleep so you can bring your full self to the world.

You can become more present with others by being more aware of how you show up in conversation with others and networking. Be the one everyone wants to talk to because you make them matter – they do!

Eco Tourism in South India – Presenting Rich Biodiversity

The destinations of South India are hotspot for nature lovers. Eco tourism in this part of India is known for preserving and sustaining wide species of flora and fauna. The south Indian states, especially Kerala present rich biodiversity. There are many bio-masses and wildlife destinations in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, zoological parks and wildlife destinations in these south Indian states.

Kerala, the tropical paradise of India is one of the most favored eco tourism destinations in the world. Popularly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is rich in flora and fauna due to higher diversity in climate. Humid and wetted state of Kerala has complex assembly of bio species. The wildlife destinations, hill stations, beach destinations and backwater regions are preferably visited by the nature and wildlife lovers. Backwater destinations of Kerala are very famous among the eco tourists. Tourists can spot rare and endangered species of flora and fauna in the backwater regions. Houseboat is the ideal means to explore the beauty and biodiversity of these regions. Tourist can also visit Ayurveda centers located in the rustic villages located across the banks of backwaters. Various tour packages are also available for Ayurveda spa. You can select a Kerala Ayurveda tour package to feel the pleasure of soothing spa.

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with rich biodiversity. The state is rich in wildlife and natural beauty. Andhra Pradesh can be ideal destination for wildlife holidays. The thick vegetation in the state boasts variety of mammals, plants, shrubs, reptiles, etc. Popular eco tourism destinations in Kerala are Nellapattu Sanctuary, Alisagar Deer Park, Manjira Bird Sanctuary, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, etc. These spots are rich in ecological elements.

Karnataka is also known for its diversified flora and fauna. 20% of total geographical area is covered by dense forest. So, it can b perfect destination of South India Holidays. Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Parks are the hotspot of wildlife tourism in Karnataka. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is also frequently visited by the nature lovers. There are many hill stations in Tamil Nadu which are abode of thick forest and wildlife. Apart from that Tamil Nadu has many national parks, biosphere reserves, elephant and bird sanctuaries, zoos, etc which send invitation notes to the wildlife lovers and eco tourists.

Presence of wide diversities of flora and fauna makes the south Indian zone preferred destination for wildlife lovers.Eco tourism south India is the choice of all nature lovers and wildlife lovers. Eco tourists from all around the world visit this corner to explore the amazing diversity.

Presentation Skills – A Guide to a Successful and Convincing Speech

If you have a big presentation coming up, you might be nervous. But don’t sweat it. Stay calm and keep the following tips in mind when presenting an important campaign to your boss or client. After all, there’s no point in making a sales pitch if you can’t convince your audience and exude confidence. Refer to these five tips when making your next formal presentation.

1. You should always look your best. Wear your best suit, get a full eight hours of sleep, and eat a balanced breakfast. Every great sales pitch begins with the perfect handshake. Come in there prepared and confident to make the most desirable first impression.

2. Display your work in a professional manner. To catch the eyes of your audience you should use a display easel for all your tangible advertisements. It’s all about craftsmanship and you really want to blow them away with your creative visuals. You did stay up all night putting them together. If your visuals are that eye popping your clients may even snag one to look at later, that’s a plus. Make sure to date and put contact information on all your boards.

3. Speak clearly, loudly and with an easy to follow tone. Obviously, you want to make as much eye contact as possible and show the crowd that you can look them eye to eye. This will help you to convince them that you are right. Even though it’s a formal presentation, add some humor and personal aspects. You want to show them you’re fun and easy to work with. Avoid “ums” and pauses as much as possible and try at all costs to practice and memorize. Using note cards isn’t that convincing.

4. Show gratitude upon entering and at your conclusion. It is really important to take the time to thank your guests for coming and hearing you speak. This can really set you apart because most people are too nervous and forget this crucial part of the “interview.” Say thank you with solemnity and heart.

5. Introduce yourself and explain a little bit about your background and role within the project. People appreciate hearing how smart you really are. You may want to do your research on them as well and show them that you know exactly what you’re talking about. A great way to win over a client is to show competence.